These are the different time periods that our workshops can be based around. Due to each historical period's content being so vast, we like to personalise the structure and activities of our workshops to each school's individual needs, to fit in with their current lessons. We welcome the chance to discuss your school's requirements, so please do not hesitate to contact us via our 'Contact Us'.

To give you a brief overview of our different historical periods, here are our mascots with some more information.

humphs histories egyptians

The Egyptians (3100 BC - 30 BC)

Just how did we build those pyramids? Learn what it was like for us Egyptians living in the world of Pharaohs!

humphs histories romans

Roman Empire (31 BC - 476 AD)

Find out what it was like for us Roman Centurions fighting on Hadrian's Wall and life in Gaul Britain. We had to invade in order to expand our Roman Empire.

The Victorians (1837 AD - 1901 AD)
A lot of important changes took place during this time which impact on our way of life today. Find out what it was like to go to school in the Victorian period. 

humphs histories world war 2

World War 2 (1939 AD - 1945 AD)

Whether it be on the home front, or the front line, find out what it was like to live during those dark years in Britain.

The Greeks (776 BC - 323 BC)

Find out what us Greeks have given your society today! I for one am a big fan of our theatre, poetry, art, philosophy and of course our many wonderful gods!

humphs histories greeks

The Saxons & Vikings (410 AD - 1066 AD)

Us Vikings and Saxons were always fighting in Britain. Find out how we got here, how we lived and how we fought!

humphs histories saxons and vikings

World War 1 (1914 AD - 1918 AD)

Just what was it like for us soldiers living in the trenches? Known as the Great War and the first industrial war, find out why it all started.

humphs histories world war 1